How to Create a Professional Smoky Eye Shadow Look in Less Than 5 Minutes

The smoky eye is one of those classic makeup looks that when done right, appears perfectly smudgy and effortless. But anyone who’s ever watched a tutorial will know that it actually takes a fair bit of work, which, naturally, can be a bit off-putting.

Enter makeup artist Natalie Wright, who has offered to break the look down for us step-by-step.

“When they hear smoky eye, a lot of people assume they need to be using black eyeshadow,” she says, adding, “but that’s not necessarily true.”

Opting instead for browns, bronzes and other neutral colors is not only almost universally flattering on most eye colors and skin tones, but it’s also much more wearable, Wright says.


Step One

Start with an eyeshadow primer like Urban Decay Original Primer Potion, $33 to start off with a really clean base. Simply swipe it across the eyelid and wait a few minutes for it to fully sink into the skin and set.

Step Two

Take the mid-tone eyeshadow color from your palette and start "contouring" where the eye socket is (in makeup terms, this starts from the outside of the upper lid and goes into the center of the eyelid).


Step Three

Take the lighter color from the palette and press it all over your eyelid, including over the powder you've already applied.

Step Four

Next, go over the corner of the outer eye (where the darker shadows will soon be added) with a pencil. The darker product will grab easily onto the pencil base and you'll get a more intense color straight away.


Step Five

Then, grab the darkest color from your palette and start pushing that into the crease of your eye (the area you've just added pencil to). The key to a smoky eye is blending, so take your time blending the darker color out and into the eye for a seamless finish.

Step Six

Take a brown pencil and put it just at the bottom of your eyelashes, followed up by some liquid liner on top. (A good tip is to put a little bit of black shadow on a small brush and run it across where you've put the liner. It gives you a smoky look but also hides imperfections.)


Step Seven

Complete the look with mascara on your top and bottom lashes before finally adding one last touch of a lighter color shadow in the inner corner of the eye (this is going to lift and open up the eye).

Finally, if you notice any fall out under your eyes, just grab a little bit of powder and a brush and sweep it away.

This post originally appeared on MamamiaSpring.St's Australian sister site. You can read it here.